A few picture of Foxcroft, our "next" home:

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We have started on renovation, we are projecting a move into first floor on July 1, 2005. Here are a few before and during pictures. For up to date information see the link above.

Living Room 12/03
Living Room 02/05
Living Room 04/05


One room finished! The back room and connected sewing room are complete. Next up the library



View at the left is shows the front with the arbor vitae covering half the porch. View at the right shows how it looks with the overgrown tree gone!



Here is a scan of first floor blueprint Mantle/Shelves blueprint
Front Elevation blueprint Kitchen cupboards blueprint
South Elevation blueprint China Corner Cabinet blueprint
Nook detail blueprint Sunken tub blueprint
Sewing corner cupboard blueprint NEW! Architect Drawings of 2nd floor plan!
Ideas for a second floor plan
Pictures from Construction
Original Interior Pictures
Digging the Pool
NEW! Monte Cristo House plan NEW! Comparison of Monte Cristo and Golfview with notes

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